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Ecological digital ennoblement

MGI announces the de-inkability and recyclability of its UV coatings and hot stamping on certain substrates

Green Tech Packaging - By using MGI digital finishing, brands already benefit from packaging and printed matter that stand out at the point of sale, are recyclable and offer high added value.

On the occasion of Luxe Pack 2021, which takes place from 27 to 29 September in Monaco, MGI Digital Technology (Stand AB01Bis), announces the de-inkability and recyclability of its UV varnishes and digital hot foil stamping on certain substrates. This announcement comes at a time when new societal requirements are imposed on all brands, due to consumers who are increasingly committed to protecting the planet and the circular economy.

For nearly 5 years, MGI Digital Technology, the world leader in digital finishing (selective varnish and hot foil stamping using a 100% digital process), has anticipated these changes by developing consumables (UV varnish ®Eco Varnish and hot foil stamping ®Green Foil) that meet the strictest environmental standards, recyclable in the current collection, sorting and recycling channels

UV varnishes and digital hot stamping that can be de-inked and recycled on certain substrates

As part of its commitment to a circular economy, MGI Digital Technology markets UV varnishes and hot foils specific to its various digital presses, which can be de-inked according to the Ingede 11 standard on certain substrates. For Edmond Abergel, president of MGI Digital Technology, this approach launched 5 years ago, is a major advantage for brands and all professional printing customers, who use MGI technologies.

"As the inventor of digital finishing some fifteen years ago, we have always worked closely with brands, enabling them to enhance and distinguish their products at the point of sale, day after day. This close relationship made us aware very early on of their expectations in terms of the recyclability of their packaging, and of the fact that our consumables had to be integrated into current recycling channels. Obtaining Ingede 11 certifications for our UV varnish and hot stamping consumables, guarantees them this good recyclability on certain substrates."

Material recovery of hot stamping waste

Wishing to go further in its circular industry policy, MGI Digital Technology has set up a collection and material recovery system for hot stamping waste generated by its customers. Waste that was long considered as ultimate waste, now becomes a raw material, as Nicolas Venance, marketing director, explains:

"As a major player in the hot foil stamping market through our iFOIL technology, this observation led us to develop our Green Foil range of hot foils, which can be de-inked and recycled, and to support it with a material recycling channel."

MGI's Green Foil range is already available and includes 11 matte and glossy references. It is unique in the sense that MGI collects the intermediate waste from its printing customers, de-inks it according to its own process, grinds the PET film which is then resold as raw material to the plastics industry!

Finished packaging, with high added value and recyclable

"By using MGI's Green Foil and Eco Varnish, brands can strongly enhance their shelf-ready packaging and differentiate it with high added value, while fully embracing an eco-responsible approach," concludes Edmond Abergel. "Having anticipated these developments clearly gives printers and converters equipped with our technologies a major comparative advantage."

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