PressCard Pro, front view of MGI Digital Technology equipment

PressCard Pro

Industrial lamination press

Industrial lamination press for all plastic, synthetic and paper substrates. The PressCard Pro has a particularly compact format (less than 1.5m²)

PressCard Pro can produce up to 30 laminated boards per lamination cycle. From a sandwich of several layers of laminable substrates, it can produce laminated boards with a total thickness ranging from 200 to 1000 microns.

The lamination cycle is fully customizable by varying the desired time, temperature and pressure. An average cycle lasts from 20 to 30 minutes.

PressCard Pro is an essential link in the production of plastic cards, POS and signage. The substrates that can be used are PVC, PET, synthetic and non-synthetic papers, etc...

General characteristics

The standard process is made from one or two sheets of 180 to 300µ PVC, with a transparent overlay of 50 to 75µ.

Sheet format

330 x 482mm maximum

Imposition cards

21 to 24 ISO format exposures (54 x 85.5mm) on a 330 x 482mm format

Operating cycle
  • Application of a maximum hydraulic pressure of 120 bar
  • Water cooling (water in / water out)
Weight and size

(W x D x H) : 950 x 800 x 1610mm

  • Up to 2400 cards/h in 250-300µ
  • Up to +2000 cards/hr in 760µ (ISO CR-80 format)

Clear PVC overlay, Polishgard, low melting point PVC spacer, stainless steel plates.

Moving parts

3 mobile trays that can hold 10 stainless steel plates each, i.e. 30 PVC 760 µ sandwiches

Power supply
  • 400 Volts three phase - 32 A
  • Power : 20kW

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