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Stand out from the crowd in the digital photo printing market

With the advent of digital technology, the photography market has been totally disrupted over the last 10 years, where the single print of photos from laboratories has almost disappeared, in favor of photos either stored on digital media, or printed on all kinds of books, posters and posters, through applications or websites.

If the digital photo printing market is particularly dynamic, its players face fierce competition, and must differentiate themselves to emerge on the web and develop their market share.

In this context, enriching your offer of photo books, offprints and other books with UV selective varnish and hot foil stamping, appears to be the most effective solution and the most value-added for printers.

To adapt to the situations of each photo printing specialist, MGI has a range of 7 digital printing and finishing presses, sheet to sheet and reel to reel, allowing to magnify photo books, offprints, books and posters, collected from their apps, websites and intranet services.

100% digital, MGI's technologies are fully integrated into the production worlds of the photographic printing industry, for prints ranging from prototypes to large series.

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