Three sleeves for champagne with colored trees and the text happy holidays, in silver gilding and varnish, realized on a MGI Digital Technology press

The "Pack & Spirit" Jury is impressed by MGI's ennoblement process

Major Champagne brands choose MGI Digital Technology's selective UV varnish and digital hot foil stamping

At the latest Pack & Spirit trade show, which took place in Reims on April 3rd and 4th, French manufacturer MGI Digital Technology was awarded the 2019 Technological and Application Innovation Prize, for the tactile-sensory dimension it is now possible to confer on a sleeve!

Its digital press JETvarnish 3D Web is indeed the only technology allowing to apply on a heat-shrinkable film, a UV selective varnish and a flat or relief hot stamping, in fixed or variable data!

A well-established event in the world of champagne and spirits, the Pack & Spirit trade show allows champagne and spirits producers to meet with label, case and packaging printers specializing in the sector.

The highlight of this event, which takes place in a famous place in the world of champagne, the Caveau Castelnau, is the awarding of the Technological Innovation and Application Innovation prizes by a jury composed of packaging buyers from the most prestigious wineries in the region, as well as personalities from the world of packaging and labels (Lanson, Veuve-Clicquot, Martell Mumm, Infinite Eight, Deutz, CCI de la Marne, Institut Georges Chappaz...).

An MGI global innovation that increases the attractiveness of a sleeve on the shelf tenfold

This year, MGI Digital Technology had decided to highlight a world innovation, the ability of its JETvarnish 3D Web digital reel-to-reel finishing press to apply a UV selective varnish and a real flat or embossed hot foil on a heat-shrinkable film!

In fact, sleeves finished with MGI's JETvarnish 3D Web take on a tactile dimension that was previously impossible to achieve, both because of the possibility of creating embossing-type effects (up to 200 microns) and because of the finesse and high gloss of the gilding. Combining flat varnish, relief varnish and gilding gives the bottles a sensoriality that literally boosts their impact on the shelf. 100% digital, this technology also allows to apply the varnish and the gilding as well in fixed data as in variable data, whether it is images, texts, codes, numbers...

The JETvarnish 3D Web allows for versioning campaigns or unique bottles, for marketing operations with very high added value. The major brands praise MGI's digital finishing This worldwide innovation, which is revolutionizing the sleeve market, was literally acclaimed by the jury, which unanimously awarded a double prize to MGI, that of Technological Innovation but also Application Innovation!

A first for Pack & Spirit. In its deliberations, the jury praised "the very high level of quality and finesse of both the varnish and the gilding", as well as "the very high brilliance of the gilding". The jury was also impressed by MGI's new approach to making sleeves tactile and customizable (embossing effect). It should be noted that while the application on heat-shrink film was unanimously praised, the same was true for self-adhesive labels (also ennobled on JETvarnish 3D Web), and for cardboard (cases, boxes), ennobled on JETvarnish 3D sheet to sheet (B1 and B2). The strong point highlighted by the jury: the ability of MGI's JETvarnish technology to produce all kinds of runs, from prototypes to large-scale production runs, with fixed or variable data.

The highlight of these brands are big versioning campaigns for sleeves and cases, and even big series of packagings all different from each other!

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