MGI Digital Technology launches The JETforce, a community website dedicated to its customers

With JETforce, users of MGI Digital Technology equipment now have a single platform for discussion forums, blogs, theme groups, advice and trend books.

Fresnes, France. December 15, 2022

The MGI Group today announced the launch of JETforce, a user community dedicated exclusively to owners, operators and managers of its JETvarnish digital printing and finishing presses. Through JETforce, users of MGI Digital Technolgy technologies now have a space in which they can share and learn from each other, in order to strengthen their skills, while integrating an international professional network. In fact, JETforce aims to enable every user of MGI digital printing and finishing technologies to make the most of their equipment, to develop their business and increase their sales.

Stronger, together!

With thousands of users around the world producing high value-added print, packaging, and self-adhesive labels every day, MGI Digital Technology felt the time was right to provide this community with an official space for sharing and learning, a true brand social network.

"Why reinvent the wheel, when someone on the other side of the world may have already solved the problem you're facing?"  explains Edmond Abergel, CEO of MGI Group. 

"It was on this premise that we imagined JETforceThere's no better way to learn than by discussing and exchanging ideas with people who are experiencing the same challenges as you.

The JETforce community site is already up and running, translated into 19 languages, and offers a host of practical features:

  • Participate in forums full of interesting topics, questions, answers and discussions
  • Discover regularly updated technical tutorials
  • develop your professional network by regularly expanding it
  • take part in monthly conference calls featuring ideas and guest speakers on practical topics relating to the use of their equipment.
  • Upload and share content with each other, including videos, blogs and images.

"When you're part of a user community, it's much more than just having access to help with troubleshooting," explains Matt Redbear, Creative/MGI, Blue Ocean Press, one of the JETforce facilitators. "From passive, you become active, even pro-active. You feel connected, and your capacity for learning and creativity increases tenfold." 

All MGI customers are invited to join the JETforce

Are you an MGI equipment user? Join the JETforce MGI community by registering at the following address:

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