Photo of Hahn Media +Druck's management upon receiving the JETvarnish 3D Evo from MGI Digital Technology

Hahn Media+Druck chooses MGI

To celebrate its 130th anniversary, German printer Hahn Media+Druck switches to digital finishing with MGI

To differentiate itself in its communications, packaging and direct marketing markets, the Rostock-based printer has equipped itself with an MGI JETvarnish 3D Evo digital finishing press. Delivered at the end of July, this press was the star attraction at the Open House organized on September 27 to celebrate the company's 130th anniversary, a day when the company began communicating on... 4D!

Norbert Hahn, could you introduce us to the printing company, Hahn Media+Druck?

Norbert Hahn - We are a medium-sized company with 45 employees, active in the markets of graphic design, offset and digital printing, internet (website creation...), and direct marketing. We have our own online sales site. Our printing company celebrates its 130th anniversary this year. It has been in our family for 54 years and was bought by our father at the age of 21! Hahn Media+Druck offers a wide range of services to our customers, from the printing of a brochure to the sending of a mailing, from the creation or printing of packaging to the development of a cross-media campaign. We process about 500 orders per month, with an annual turnover of 5 million euros.

What does your machine park consist of?

Norbert Hahn - Our machinery consists of high-capacity Heidelberg offset presses in traditional and UV inks, an HP Indigo digital press and a very complete finishing, inserting and shipping workshop, since our strategy is to generate maximum added value in-house. Our latest machine investment is the JETvarnish 3D Evo from MGI, which allows us to add a new string to our bow, by allowing us to offer digital finishing, namely UV varnish and hot foil stamping, in fixed or variable data, flat or embossed.

Torsten Hahn, why did you feel the need to add an MGI JETvarnish 3D Evo to your already very complete machine park?

Torsten Hahn - Our approach is clearly to act, not to react. We prefer to anticipate than to suffer. This state of mind is the one that our father has always instilled in us, and which is part of our company's DNA. In this context, we prefer to participate in the development of a market trend, rather than to undergo it and have to adapt to it in the emergency. For our customers, we always want to stand out by being a force of proposal, by presenting them with innovations, differentiation, in order to make their communication and packaging more effective. For example, we have an integrated studio, with 6 creatives, able to understand the needs expressed by agencies and clients, in order to respond as effectively as possible. In this context, you understand that the JETvarnish 3D Evo from MGI fits perfectly with this strategy, which allows us to imagine, test and produce particularly attractive and effective printed matter and packaging.

Torsten Hahn, since the integration of the JETvarnish 3D Evo, you have been promoting 4D. What is 4D, when an MGI JETvarnish ennobles in 3D, i.e. in relief?

Torsten Hahn - This was a question on the lips of all our customers during this Open House! Indeed, the JETvarnish prints flat or in relief, that is to say in 3D, as well as UV varnish as hot gilding, according to a digital process. For us, 4D is the sensory effect! With a UV varnish in relief and a possible hot stamping, the paper and the printing ink are truly sublimated. The relationship to the printed object changes completely! We immediately want to grab the object, to play with the light on its surface, to caress it. The printed object or the packaging acquires a fourth sensory dimension, which increases tenfold its visibility, its efficiency...

Torsten Hahn, why go into digital finishing with MGI?

Torsten Hahn - Very clearly, we looked at the two technologies in the digital finishing market, namely MGI and Scodix. The beginning of our reflection goes back to 2012. At that time, we were not yet convinced of the maturity of the market. So we decided to wait and see who would take the lead, continued our productive investments elsewhere, while keeping an eye on digital finishing which was strategic for us. The introduction by MGI of a scanner that allows for automatic on-the-fly registration, driven by artificial intelligence (AIS Smartscanner - editor's note) has totally convinced us, and pushed us to decide to invest in MGI technology at the beginning of the year. Clearly, MGI's technology is far superior to Scodix's, which has been confirmed by its implementation since the end of July, both in terms of reliability and print quality. Each company must really choose the technology that best meets its needs. For us, the JETvarnish 3D EVO is the digital finishing press that best meets our expectations, both from a performance point of view and from the point of view of the differentiation it gives us in the market. Furthermore, we were very satisfied with the quality of listening and service of the company X-Doc Solution, MGI's distributor.

How did the installation of MGI's JETvarnish go?

Norbert Hahn - The installation went very smoothly, as most of the X-Doc Solutions staff came from Heidelberg! There were no surprises. The requirements were clearly expressed, particularly in terms of electrical connections and humidity. We also wanted to set up a specific workshop for the JETvarnish 3D Evo, a workshop dedicated... to 4D, located near our digital press and our offset presses. It is important to distinguish such an innovative technology, as much for our employees as for our customers!

What is the first impact of 4D on your customers?

Norbert Hahn - 4D is opening new doors for us and is arousing a lot of interest. The first returns are very promising, especially since our creative staff have come up with some very innovative marketing materials to show our customers all the potential it holds...

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