Photo of PrintPark executives upon receipt of their JETvarnish 3D Evo from MGI Digital Technology

PrintPark chooses the JETvarnish 3D Evo

Turkey - PrintPark, a major packaging player, chooses a JETvarnish 3D Evo B1 75 x 120 cm digital finishing press from MGI.

To stand out from the crowd and enhance the appeal of its customers' packaging, PrintPark has opted for MGI's B1 digital finishing technology. This technology enables the digital application of UV selective varnish and flat or embossed hot foil stamping (from 3 to 230 microns), for short and medium runs, but also for massive versioning campaigns.

In the field of packaging, PrintPark occupies a major place both in Turkey and in Europe. The company was founded in 1974 by Mehmet Dansik, and is now run by his sons Ferit and Turan. It has pursued a strategy based on quality and exceptionality, combined with a strong development of exports. In Monaco, during the last LuxePack exhibition, as in Paris for PCD 2019, the luxury packaging exhibited by PrintPark were unanimously praised for their quality.

PrintPark, a 360° service offer in luxury packaging At the heart of this strategy, a 10,000m2 industrial site located in Istanbul, bringing together under one roof, the entire graphic chain, in order to offer an integrated service to brands, as Ferit Dansik explains:

"Today's clients expect us to square a certain circle: the ability to help them imagine their packaging; the ability to validate prototypes very quickly, then launch production very quickly, with an extreme level of quality, on very variable print runs! This need on the part of brands has led us to master these different requirements in-house, with our own design agency, our own packaging studio, then an offset printing department equipped with conventional and HUV presses, and a very complete finishing workshop".

Digital finishing: a necessity in packaging

In the field of finishing and ennobling, PrintPark has until now used traditional technologies such as hot foil stamping and UV varnish. These technologies are ideal for enhancing packaging, but are no longer sufficient, as Ferit Dansik explains: "Brands' needs are changing very fast. They demand ever greater agility. Special prints and collector packaging in short and medium runs are in demand. At the same time, we're seeing strong growth in versioning campaigns, which involve mass printing of the same packaging in several versions!

The very first MGI Jetvarnish 3D Evo B1 74×120 in Turkey

Based on this premise, Ferit Dansik decided to take an interest in digital finishing technologies, with a view to going beyond market expectations: "In a commoditized market, digital finishing was a real differentiator for us, enabling us to offer UV selective varnish and hot foil stamping, flat or embossed, in fixed or variable data, on special prints, collector packaging and versioning campaigns, which was impossible with traditional technologies. When we looked at what was available on the market, we quickly chose MGI's JETvarnish 3D Evo in B1 format (75×120 cm), not only for its industrial production capabilities, but also for the quality delivered, notably the consistency of the relief varnish application - a true digital screen printer! - the perfection of the flat varnish, and the incomparable finesse of the hot foil stamping, both flat and embossed."

High quality with low UV coating consumption

The acquisition and commissioning of PrintPark's JETvarnish 3D Evo B1 could not have been quicker. After initial tests at MGI's European showroom in Fresnes in January 2018, the contract was signed in June, with press acceptance in September. "The commercial contact with MGI was frank and direct, and the tests carried out in Fresnes convinced us, as the files we had sent were particularly complex!" explains Ferit Dansik. "Receiving the Jetvarnish enabled us to see the quality of after-sales service offered by MGI, a strong point to be emphasized, and its arrival inaugurated a brand new floor in our factory, which will be dedicated to digital. After 4 months of use, we're very satisfied with the press's productivity, its high level of quality, and its low varnish consumption."

JETvarnish inaugurates PrintPark's digital department

After 4 months in operation, PrintPark's JETvarnish 3D Evo has quickly found its feet with the production team. Ferit Dansik concludes: "With the MGI Jetvarnish 3D Evo, we've opened up some very promising new markets. We have been able to anticipate the expectations of our customers, with whom we work on highly innovative packaging. This differentiation is a clear incentive for us to make digital technology a major focus of our development! We're delighted to have entered the digital era with MGI!

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