MGI innovates with safe hot stamping  

To protect a wide range of packaging and printed products, MGI Digital Technologies offers 2 secure hot foil stamping films in gold and silver gloss.

These high-security films are of the "covert" type, i.e. they cannot be detected by the naked eye, and require a specially developed reader to identify them ("Foresinc").

With MGI's secure hot foil stamping films, the ennoblement of packaging, labels or printed matter becomes a highly effective means of combating counterfeiting, offering a unique, tamper-proof concealed protection vector.

MGI also develops specific molecules at the request of brands, enabling them to have their own dedicated hot foil stamping.

In parallel with its security foils and control readers, MGI, through its MGI Labs, offers all the IT infrastructure and software solutions enabling brands to have a complete 360° security, control and data collection tool, operational worldwide, 24 hours a day.

Take a look at the clip below, which shows how a simple hot foil stamping process can be used to distinguish the counterfeit from 2 identical packs on the shelf.

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