100% digital finishing technologies from MGI help optimize production time, reduce lead times and set you apart from other providers.

The subcontracting between professionals of the Graphic Industries is a traditional activity of the sector. It arose because certain industrialists wished to concentrate on the heart of their market, which generally is, printing.

This outsourcing has focused on activities that are generally complex and expensive for printers to implement, particularly in the area of finishing (silk-screen varnishes and hot foil stamping) and finishing (binding).

Having an MGI digital finishing press, sheet-fed or reel-to-reel, allows any printer to expand the range of its services to other professionals in the industry, offering them the opportunity to apply UV selective varnish and hot foil stamping, flat or embossed, in fixed or variable data!

100% digital, MGI's digital finishing technologies do not require plates, forms or other screens, thus optimizing production times, reducing lead times and distinguishing themselves from suppliers using traditional, cumbersome and expensive technologies.

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