JETvarnish 3DS

Discover the JETVARNISH 3DS and iFOIL S, spot UV coating and hot foilling solution, exclusively designed and manufactured by MGI Digital Technology for Konica Minolta (exclusive distributor).

Don’t limit yourself to just beautifully printed jobs – It is time to bring more value and creativity to your customers. The JETVARNISH 3DS turns your printed jobs into spectacular and irresistible printouts, which will immediately gain the full attention of your customer. You can easily spot varnish all your digital prints, highlight defined areas or add 3D effects, which makes your print jobs more vivid and tactile.

With the new varnish formula in combination with the Konica Minolta print heads you can create a 3D effect on laminated surfaces or on toner directly. The variable data option adds full personalization capabilities for a maximum one-to-one marketing impact.

The digitalization of the spot UV finishing allows you to take a few sheets from each job and spot UV coat it, producing sellable proofs so your customers can see, touch and feel effect that their jobs could have.

With the JETVARNISH 3DS as a completely digital solution you can prepare all this on demand and safe pure time and money.


The ideal partner for both digital and offset presses — no expensive, time-consuming plates, screens or setups required beyond creating a graphic description file (5th layer mask)

Konica Minolta’s Drop-on-Demand technology uses ultra-precise piezoelectric print heads to produce extremely thin lines (0.5mm) as well as wide uniform solid areas

High-gloss coating formula delivers a gloss level of 99% (G.U.) — beyond the reach of traditional analog technology

Standard AIS system uses Artificial Intelligence to create an automatic varnish and hot foil registration; it makes corrections and adjustments for any defects generated by the original offset or digital printing run

Output rates of up to 3,000 sheets per hour in 30-micron coating thickness help you keep ahead of tight production deadlines

Flat and varying degrees of coating can be created on the same sheet, adding visual and textured appeal for a premium high-end feel

For large originals like book covers with multiple flaps, the JETvarnish 3DS can cover sheets up to 14.33” wide and 40.15” long

Environmentally friendly operation optimizes coverage, eliminates the release of volatile solvents and ozone, reduces power consumption and minimizes noise

Highlighted Accessories

Software Suite supplied for streamlining and facilitating production

HubManager monitors ongoing jobs, adjusts the ARC system, manages print queue, creates job tickets and launches reprints

Spot Varnish Editor lets the operator perform final touch-up of graphic files (5th layer mask) to speed production and increase throughput

Production Cost Analyzer anticipates the exact quantity of varnish required and the cost of each production run to ensure accurate quotes and control profit margins

The combination with the inline hot foiling module iFOIL S gives you an unlimited choice of different colors and glamorous effects