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The AlphaJET Industrial Print Factory concept brings to market a Factory 4.0 solution for the printing and packaging sector that displaces traditional production processes that have historically been complicated, time-consuming, and costly to implement.

The fully digital AlphaJET Platform combines the following production processes into one seamless flow:

  • Four Color Inkjet Printing
  • Digital application of Spot and Tactile UV
  • Digitally applied flat and raised Hot Foil
  • Digital hologram printing

The AlphaJET eliminates typical production delays and makeready times thanks to its AIS automatic registration system, which utilizes groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence to make set up quick and easy.

With its versatility and flexibility, the AlphaJet addresses markets ranging from Commercial Printing, Packaging, Photo Printing, and Publishing.


An unprecedented Substrate Transport System

Revolutionary in nature, the AlphaJET employs a novel circular “race track” production flow, along which the various printing and embellishment stations are located.

The substrate transport is managed via intelligent suction trays that are autonomously driven by a linear electromagnetic engine. This technological breakthrough in substrate transport allows for an unprecedented accuracy of 5 microns, enabling remarkably high caliber of print and embellishment quality even on thick rigid media for packaging applications.

Depending on different job specifications, the substrate may need to make several passes around the “race-track” through the various stations to provide multiple effects without disrupting production. With the AlphaJET’s feeder and stacker located side by side, one single operator can manage the entire production smoothly and efficiently from a central location.

Four Color Inkjet Printing powered by DuraLink from Memjet

The AlphaJET’s development was an opportunity for MGI to forge a technology partnership with Memjet, a leader in the inkjet systems market.

The AlphaJET is the world’s first industrial press incorporating Memjet’s newest DuraLink inkjet head technology, which boasts a 1600 dpi definition and a high nozzle redundancy level for optimal printing quality. The development of a unique and original aqueous pigmented ink offers one of the largest color gamuts in the industry. When coupled with high levels of colorfastness, meets and surpasses the commercial and packaging world’s expectations.

Digital Spot and Tactile UV Varnish coupled with Digital Hot Foiling

The versatile AlphaJET combines Memjet’s new DuraLink inkjet printing system with MGI’s award-winning digital spot UV, tactile UV, and hot foiling technology.

This new hybrid platform allows for many possible applications to be printed and embellished with ease by combining aqueous-based inks with UV based varnishes while reinforcing the supply chain and reducing the amount of work that needs outsourcing.

The AlphaJET boasts speeds of 1800 sheets B1 hour (up to 29.5×47), on flexible and rigid substrates as diverse as paper, cardboard, corrugated, and flute.

A complete production line

With its functional architecture and technological choices, the AlphaJET is ideal for making high value printed products with ease.

It is now possible to manufacture, in one single process, irresistible printed products enriched with multiple hot foil colors, adorned with a tactile spot dimensional textures with a personalized variable data hologram.

100% digital process

The AlphaJET’s wholly digital process makes it the perfect instrument to produce anything from a single prototype to massive campaigns while simultaneously managing sophisticated job versions with high levels of foil personalization!

Substantial cost reductions

Drastically reducing manufacturing costs with a unique optimization of production flows.

The AlphaJET Platform allows you to eliminate critical costs, such as:

  • Costs of traditional Consumables, like Plates, Dies and Screens
  • Reduce production control processes
  • Eliminate outsourcing transactions
  • Reduce physical factory space designated for production, thus reducing the carbon footprint
  • Optimization of the number of operators needed
Unparalleled Modularity

Modular in conception, the AlphaJET can be upgraded with the addition of new Printing or Embellishment station modules to help you adapt to the evolution of the market.