Web to Print

Over the years, Web to Print has become one of the essential tools for putting clients and printers in touch with each other.

By 2025, the global web to print market should represent a turnover of $870 billion dollars, growing by nearly 8% per year!

In a increasingly  competitive web to print market,  offering digital finishing services online is now an essential differentiation.

By enabling customers captured on the internet to benefit from all kinds of print enriched with tactile UV varnish effects and hot foil stamping, printers can generate an increased value perception by dramatically increasing the attractiveness of their prints.

In order to adapt to each printer’s market, MGI has a range of 7 different digital printing and finishing presses, both on sheet-fed and web-fed platforms, allowing for the creation of incredible finished pieces directly online.

MGI’s 100% digital technologies offer great versatility of use, ranging between large print runs to print-on-demand, prototyping, as well as a wide array of applications in the commercial printing, publishing, packaging, adhesive label and plastic cards markets.


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