To the trade

Outsourcing embellishment work to the trade has taken off due to the skyrocketing popularity of special effects coupled with the desire of many printers to continue to focus uniquely on their core market, which is printing.

This subcontracting has focused on activities that are generally complex and expensive to implement for printers, particularly in the field of silk-screen varnishing and traditional hot stamping.

Having an MGI digital finishing press, whether sheet-fed or web-fed, enables any finisher to extend the range of their services to other professionals in the industry, by offering them the possibility of applying spot and tactile UV varnish and hot foil stamping with variable components while being able to corona treat sheets inline coming from any press for optimum dyne levels.

100% digital, MGI’s digital finishing technologies do not require plates, dies, counter dies or screens, allowing trade finishers to optimize production times, offer protoypes, reduce lead times while having the ability register automatically and instantly using artificial intelligence.


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