Message from Edmond Abergel, President of MGI

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your interest in MGI Digital Technology and our award-winning range of solutions for Graphic and Packaging Industry professionals.

We at MGI are thrilled to celebrate our 38 years of innovation in the digital printing, embellishing, and finishing industries.

As the son of a commercial printer myself, I hope to enable you to differentiate yourself every day with a wealth of innovative and alluring applications that your customers will find creatively inspiring.

Our Research & Development division is continuously uncovering new concepts encompassing advancements in computer science, micro-mechanics, electronics, inkjet, chemistry, and colorimetry. With an annual investment of around 20% into R & D, MGI has a relentless conviction to innovate and provide our customers with the most relevant solutions for an industry under perpetual evolution.

We endeavor to advance eco-sustainable solutions that eliminate waste linked to traditional technologies while developing solutions with the health of our planet in mind.

We pay distinct attention to our distribution partner’s successful development to be able to better supply and support our thousands of users worldwide in more than 70 countries on all five continents.

On behalf of the whole MGI team, I welcome you to discover our products and encourage you to join the resistance against boring print.

Edmond Abergel
CEO – MGI Group