Our pledge to Eco-Responsible technology development.

As a pioneer in digital printing, embellishing, and finishing technologies, MGI Digital Technology has concentrated on developing solutions dedicated to diminishing the print industry’s environmental impact via the following 6 Commitments:

1 – Reduction of production waste

MGI’s printing and finishing technologies enable graphic arts professionals to reduce the need for many traditional analog consumables like powders, fountain solution, solvents, tools, plates, screens, and dies, all associated to a high levels of waste.

2 – Reduction of Transportation-Related Impact

By allowing printers to integrate technologies that they previously subcontracted out, MGI drastically diminishes printed products’ carbon footprint by eliminating the environmental impact linked to the freighting of sheets back and forth from outsourcing partners, ultimately promoting an eco-friendly just-in-time process.

3 – Reduction of energy consumption

Due to the efficiency of digital technologies, the implementation of MGI’s digital printing and finishing technologies enables a significant reduction in energy consumption compared to analog technologies.

4 – Reduction of raw materials

Consolidating various technologies into one platform that until now had always required multiple analog machines, MGI’s digital printing and finishing solutions need less raw materials to manufacture while retaining a similar result as traditional solutions.

5 – Reduction of the surface area required for similar production

The compactness of MGI’s digital printing and finishing solutions, when contrasted to traditional technologies, saves a significant square footage area thus reducing physical footprint.


To ensure the recyclability of the products produced by our digital printing and finishing presses, we are committed to ensuring that our solutions do not use mineral oils or Bisphenol-A.