MGI Digital Technology's Octopus Web wins the Award for Packaging 2022

The Octopus Web of MGI Digital Technology has imposed itself in the "digital" category, by a unique concept combining the best of traditional technologies with the flexibility of digital technology, in the cutting and finishing of adhesive labels.

Fresnes, December 1st, 2022

On Monday, November 21, the traditional Packaging Award ceremony took place in Paris. Every year, since 1955, it rewards the major innovations in the field of packaging, whether it be equipment, materials or packaging.

A ceremony focused on the environment
Louis Gautier and Edmond Abergel in front of the Octopus at All4Pack 2022

More than any other Packaging Award ceremony, the 2022 edition focused on eco-responsibility, and each recipient of the Award distinguished itself this year by a step to reduce its carbon footprint.  

MGI innovation rewarded

MGI Digital Technology had submitted the Octopus Web to the members of the jury, a brand new technology for digital cutting and finishing of self-adhesive labels, which introduces a real technological breakthrough on the market.

Until now, digital cutting of self-adhesive labels was done with lasers. The Octopus Web innovates by using 4-axis cutting heads equipped with cutting blades!

From PDF directly to high quality cutting!

For Louis Gautier, Vice President of R&D at MGI Digital Technology, this disruptive innovation was necessary for quality and environmental reasons.

"Historically," he explains, "the cutting and finishing of self-adhesive labels was carried out by expensive tools, the production of which was outsourced, and which generated heavy stocks of consumables that were ultimately disposable. Laser cutting has changed the game, making it possible to do without these consumables, but with major disadvantages in terms of quality - burns on some substrates, whether they are cut on the front or back, and fume emissions. By using 4-axis cutting heads equipped with knives (from 9 to 15 heads), the Octopus Web can process all types of substrates, coated papers, uncoated papers and synthetics, with an optimal level of quality, and with low power consumption..


World leader in the digital finishing market for the packaging, commercial printing and self-adhesive label sectors, MGI's ambition with the Octopus Web is to make die-cutting a new element in the enhancement of self-adhesive labels, alongside selective varnishing and hot foil stamping, as Edmond Abergel, president of MGI Digital Technology, explains.

"With the elimination of tooling and the possible variability of the label cut, the Octopus Web allows brands to have a new element of differentiation of their products on the shelf, by allowing to capture the attention of consumers, by the shape and the new variability of the label cut. Unique or serialized products become easy to create, for a maximum impact on the shelf..


Presented as a world premiere at the All4Pack trade show, which took place from November 21 to 24 in Paris, on the stand of the MGI Konica Minolta Alliance - which presented no less than 5 industrial equipments in production - the Octopus Web met with great success, as much with the professionals of self-adhesive label printing as with the brands. 

The commercialization of the Octopus Web is planned for the first half of 2023.

From left to right, Louis Gautier, Edmond Abergel and Victor Abergel during the 2022 Packaging Award ceremony

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