The Recto Verso printing company invests in a digital finishing solution JETVARNISH 3DS from MGI after an issue of Caractère


Founded in 2001, the Recto Verso printing company in Saint-Memmie (France), managed by Sullivan Weigel, is a family-run commercial printing company with six employees, specializing in the printing of business cards, short-run brochures, announcements, etc…


It was upon receiving the December 2019 issue of Caractère magazine that the printing company decided to acquire a JETVARNISH 3DS digital finishing press and its iFOIL hot foil module at the end of September 2020.


Sullivan Weigel explained this choice to the Caractère editorial staff:

“As subcontracting did not meet our quality requirements and our imperatives in terms of deadlines, we decided to equip ourselves internally to offer embellished products in the best conditions, to our customers but also to agencies or fellow printers.”


The Recto Verso printing company achieved a turnover of €718,277 in 2019.


Photo taken by Konica Minolta during the installation of the JETVARNISH 3DS.